Meeting Notes 9/21

- Introduction to Family Fun Night/Brainstorm Ideas:

Mini golf

Pin tail on ghost


Chopsticks and marbles

Guessing Jar w/ Candy


Lollipop drawing

Beanbag Toss


**Officer Discussion

- Iris Leung (Co-President) hand Aaron Li (Treasurer) money box

- Go over reimbursement forms (both spreadsheet + paper)

- Delegation of Upcoming Task

- Ernest + Edwin: Food Fundraising Research

- Maple: Candy Price Research

- Audrey + Emmy: Fundraising Flyer

- Iris + Natalie: Second Harvest Signup (11/16) + Drums (only 1)

- Natalie + Edwin + Ernest: FINAL Website

- Things to discuss:

Family Fun Night or Halloween?

Fundraising (Tickets? Milk tea? Popcorn chicken?)


Ticket prices

Costume contest?

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Meeting: - Brainstorm Chinese New Year - Prizes - Games Officer Reminders/Tasks: - Pass out Second Harvest prizes - Go over reimbursements - Find out christmas picture day

Meet in B108 at 9:00! We cannot use B201 anymore. OFFICERS: Pass out flyers for Second Harvest at break (meet in AP classroom) Second Harvest is next week - we will be discussing potential prizes and

THIS WEEK is Family Fun Night after school, so please make sure to: - Arrive in the Student Center at 6:00 pm to help set up - Get to the Student Center as fast as possible after class (9:00 pm) to he